Sitting here this week and reading the news coming out of the AAF, XFL, and elsewhere, I have seen the support and camaraderie of fans of both leagues erode. I am continuing to see why start-up leagues fail. It is us. It is the fans.

Instead of uniting in our love of the game, we divide on our expectations of a league.

Once someone invests, and a blogger with no real knowledge of the situation speculates, the media and the fans turn. What a damn shame. First off to run with news without confirmation and/or comment from the source, not a rumor, not speculation, is wholly improper journalist technique. For mainstream medias to run with it and thereby poison the waters is unacceptable. Have the days of credible sports journalism gone the way of modern news? Is there no safe haven from all the bullshit?

And the fans. Where is the compassion? The desire to see OUR teams to succeed? Our leagues to prosper? Where is that fire we had in January? Hell the heat for the Alliance is what kept us hopeful after a botched NFL Championship. What has happened? Oh I know, the XFL began making announcements.

We have divided along league lines, what the hell is it WCW v WWE again? This is football, not professional wrestling.

I have scene what XFL is doing and I am so very happy to be a part of this historic journey. I am a professional wrestling journalist so I know the accolades and failures of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. His determination. His desire. His business savvy. He is a man to be respected and yes, even admired. Hell he lied to congress and got away with it. Still, why have some forsaken the AAF in favor of the XFL?

I see great talent on both sides of the fence. Great game play. Great coaching.

Everyone may not, but I would add that the caliber of athlete, coach, and gameplay in the AAF are well above average. Could any XFL 2000 team compare at this point in the season?

I besiege all fans of alternative football to unite under the GAME, not the league. If you do not like AAF don’t watch. If you do not watch then do not comment. A blind man cannot describe the beauty of a sunrise. This works the same for AAF fans who do not follow XFL progress. But, if your like me, please choose to support alternative football options everywhere.

Are we the leaders of tomorrow or just sheep lost in the field?

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