Alternative Football News Network, AFNN, the network, provides a streaming broadcast quality audio stream, at our site located at https://afnn.net. Operating as a legal entity within the United States of America.

AFNN is comprised of a collaboration of talented individuals from around the world who desire to present quality programming with an emphasis on alternative football options.

We provide all programming in accordance with FCC regulations, offering a professional and polished production to our target audience.

All copyright on programming and commentary featured on AFNN is retained by the original content producer; with exception to co-produced programming in which case copyright shall be held equally on behalf of AFNN and the original content producers.

Distribution and syndication of programming is at the sole discretion of the original content producers.

If desired, AFNN can assist in syndication of productions to other internet based radio stations that are affiliated with AFNN. These may include stations not based in the United States of America, however we respect international laws in regards to such matters.

AFNN, will provide a schedule weekly time slot in our programming lineup. In the instance that the desired time slot is not available the network will make the next available time slot available.

AFNN reserves the right to preempt any scheduled program to provide special broadcasts and live events as they are added to the schedule. These may include AFNN specials, Game Pre-Shows and Post-Shows, and other pre-scheduled events.

All content providers may schedule live airtime with the AFNN programming department in order to facilitate there programming. Live request must be submitted to and approved by the AFNN programming department. AFNN requires that all request be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the needed programming exception.

AFNN maintains a database of content producer, show host, and essential production personal for federal record keeping requirements. All content providers will be required to provide social media and contact information for promotional purposes on AFNN.net and its affiliate sites.

This information is provided with consent of the content providers and/or staff and may include:

  • E-mail addresses
  • Social media accounts
  • Phone numbers
  • Home/business addresses
  • Website information

No information will be used for any reason other than record keeping and promotions. We value personal privacy and respect our content providers.

AFNN will not seek to monetize content and programming provided by content providers. AFNN will seek to monetize our network stream in order to generate revenue to provide for the continuation of the network as an entity in whole.

AFNN will create original site content (post) within 24 hours of original scheduled network broadcast to promote content providers productions with an embed to the distribution outlet of the content providers selection.

The network reserves the right to publish posts in its Official Facebook Group and Twitter account(s) for promotional purposes to assist in the generation of traffic to AFNN.net and its affiliates.

AFNN will provide cloud storage for all content providers via our web based secured cloud drive.A secure link will be provided to a private folder on the server; AFNN reserves the right to alter, organize, and/or remove all content based on space needs.

Original content providers retain all rights and ownership of files held in the cloud. In the event that content is a co-production of AFNN and a content provider; copyright and ownership shall be held equally by both parties.

AFNN will provide, upon request, a customizable radio player for WordPress sites, and stream information to any content provider or affiliate that so desires.

Affiliates and content providers will be provided with customized AFNN graphics tailored to their needs. The player is provided free of charge to all those who request.

AFNN asks that the AFNN logo be displayed on the content providers or affiliates site to assist in promotion of AFNN. The use of the AFNN logo constitutes an agreement between both parties to promote and assist in development of AFNN and the content providers productions.

All concerns with this document and/or clarifications concerning it can be directed to afnn@afnn.net.

AFNN reserves the right to alter and amend these Terms of Service as needed.

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