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Kevin, or KD as Nick Anthony has dubbed him, is one of AFNN’s lead anchors. He is a graduate of Full Sail University.

Kevin is what one may call a jock as he has an interest in all things athletic. His passion for baseball, hockey, and various other sports is only superseded by his love of the game of football.

You can hear KD on AFNN Live every Sunday and on In The End Zone with his tag team partner, MW Squared.


Michael brings his passion for everything football to the table each and every time he sits down to discuss the stories and stats.

As a lead anchor here on AFNN he is an integral part of the team. As a producer he helps to bring to light news and information that others may have missed.

You can here MW Squared and KD, Kevin Drake every Wednesday at 9p E / 6p W when they sit down to discuss everything NFL on In The End Zone.


Coach Lin Hart, Jr. brings his experience to the classroom every week. His depth of knowledge in the Indoor Football League is amazing and his insight into today’s alternative options in the world of pro and semi-pro football is unparalleled.


R.J. Ciancio is a young talent, still in high-school, with a love and passion for the arena style of football. At his age and  student status you would wonder how he has enough time to even follow alternative football? His knowledge of the game is amazing.


John’s in depth look into the world of football as a whole has it’s perks. He’s well rounded in the NFL, CFL, and most major indoor and arena leagues. Look for John and Stacie over on A Football World.


Brice’s knowledge of the Arena football world is amazing to everyone here at The Alternative Football News Network. The voice of Arena Football Talk’s official program, A.F.T. Buzz is heard here on AFNN every Friday at 8p E / 5P W.