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What the hell is wrong with everyone out there? Two weeks in and now the detractors rear their ugly heads. I am calling out every one who thinks that the influx of $250 million dollars in financing capital into the Alliance of American Football means there’s trouble in the league. Shame on you. Shame shame shame.

I see this as a further solidification of the Alliance as a brand. Charlie Ebersol began the league with what, $100 million in startup funds? I have read others saying Oh that’s not enough money. This was doomed from the start is what others might have you believe. Now the true colors begin to show.

They aren’t getting paid for the broadcast rights, they are basically airing the shows for free. So damn what. You ever get a ‘free’ sample from the grocery store? Maybe a packet of a new detergent in the mail? So the Alliance has found a way to distribute its product to the largest possible audience. So they are basically working pro bono. I don’t give a hill of beans if they are compensated for their broadcasts. The league doesn’t seem to mind so why should others?

Now back to Tom Dundon and his investment/buyout of the Alliance. Most everything I have seen has been negative and categorically slanderous towards the league. Many in media who have been touting the AAF are now allowing popular sentiment and bias to erode hope and determination. Let’s note the story quoted by most news outlets stems from a site that is available by subscription only. I am sorry I’ll keep my money.

According to David Glenn of the Athletic (subscription required), the AAF needed a $250 million investment from Carolina Hurricanes majority owner Tom Dundon simply to make payroll after its first weekend of games Feb. 9-10. In return, Dundon will be introduced as the league’s new chairman on Tuesday, Glenn reports.

We do know that according to The Washington Post:

The Hurricanes confirmed Dundon’s AAF investment and his appointment as AAF chairman in a news released issued Tuesday morning.

“This was a terrific opportunity for Tom to expand his investment in the sports world,” Hurricanes President and General Manager Don Waddell said in the statement. “The AAF is off to an exciting start as a league and was founded on some truly unique and groundbreaking concepts.

“Tom is excited about the direction of the Carolina Hurricanes and remains fully committed to this franchise’s current and future success in Raleigh.”

According to Luke DeCock of the News & Observer, Dundon is in essence buying the AAF, as he is now the league’s primary investor.

For all of the negativity I stand unabashedly against. I believe that this is a sign of hope for fans of alternative football. It proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Alliance is a league that others believe in. That men like Tom Dudon who see the overall long term potential of the Alliance says something of what Charlie Ebersol and his team created. More than an investment, is this perhaps a man with the money who decided that he was interested in owning a professional football league? He has the blessing of the Carolina Hurricanes, and who knows, perhaps the rest of the men behind that team invest at some point?

My point is simple, I choose to see hope and prosperity in the future. What do you see? Are you willing to allow things to progress and see what tomorrow offers?

The future is a fickle friend and, at this point, so are alternative football fans.

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