February 15, 2019

AFT Buzz gets in a winning way as a coach and a player from championship teams appear on the show this week.
Josh Resignalo comes on the show first to talk about him joining the National Arena League champion Carolina Cobras. The long time coach in indoor ball pairs up with Ameer Ishmael and legendary Billy Back to create a very impressive coaching staff. Resignalo breaks down what it’s like to join that team and how Carolina looks to retain their title. After that, Caleb Holbrook joins AFT Buzz. The winning quarterback for the Duke City Gladiators in C.I.F. talks about what it was like to get the title last year, why staying in Albuquerque was important to him and what opportunity he passed up to stay in Duke City. Plus, We talk with new analyst for A.F.T Marcelo Metzelar about the new rule changes in the Arena Football League, as well as talk on their schedule. AFT Buzz is available on multiple networks and available as a podcast after initial broadcast.

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