Mascot Suggestions & Review of Team Introduction Videos & The AAF QB Draft

  1. The Boys at the Yard discuss Fleet hats and a quick review of the Starter and New Era lids. Also, New Era being the official sideline hat of the AAF. Plus the infamous Salt Lake City Stallions jersey leak. And to round out the intro, news that the AAF is ramping up their design team & an AAF mobile app will drop in January. (thank you @jamestown360)The Boys answer listener submitted questions, a rivalry is born between the Fleet & the Commanders, the results of the poll: What should members of the San Diego Fleet be called? @jamestown360 in the front running for an Uncle Mike Crisp 5!
  2. A break down of what the Boys think each team’s mascot should be. What’s the Boys favorite color.
  3. 4. AAF QB draft and the possibility of it not working out in the Fleets favor.
  4. 5. Review of team introduction videos. IRON & HORSES!!

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